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When i start to sew

↬  I really like to learn things and yesterday I found my mother's needle and thread, with excitement I searched the internet to learn how to use it, but after several attempts and many knots that were impossible to undo, I decided to ask her how to start (I can't believe) . that I wouldn't have thought of before), it turns out that I interrupted her while they were doing her makeup so, halfway and with both eyes closed, she tried to explain to me how she held the thread and moved the needle, I tried to pay attention but I barely started to do it necessary . For her to tell me if she was doing it right, she tried to open her eyes to check that she was doing it right, although the second she had to close them. Again, a bit cumbersome, but when you have something automated it seems easy to fix with just a touch :/

↬ Tips for sewing and learning English would be appreciated


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