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why i fucking despise jujutsu kaisen

(disclaimer, i have only watched the first seven episodes and haven't read the manga, these are only my opinions based on what i've watched until now)

It’s EVERYWHERE. I was casually reading a bungo stray dogs light novel on wattpad for research and then BOOM, JUJUTSU KAISEN GOJO AND GETO MATCHING BRACELETS AD. I DO NOT want gojo and geto weird ship stuff, I JUST WANNA READ THE LIGHT NOVEL AND GET ON WITH MY DAY.

If I go shopping to an anime/manga centered store, Bungo Stray Dogs content? None. Death note content? Barely (with luck, a death note notebook and THAT’S IT.) Moriarty the patriot content? None. Death Parade content? None. But Jujutsu Kaisen?? EVERYWHERE. POSTERS, PLUSHIES, MANGAS, ACTION FIGURES, EVERYWHERE. The ACTUAL original mangas/animes with good stories and characters do not sell because they’re not as easily to understand or comprehend therefore they’re not as digestible as manga/animes with more simple themes.

It’s straight up boring. Same boring cliche of normal boy overnight has extremely dark and magic powers + joins extremely prestigious and dangerous school/organisation + is in a trio+ curses and demons. There isn´t much originality on the story in itself.

The characters. Again, simple and boring cliches that can be seen repeated everywhere. 

 ||. Goofy + kind of dumb main character who is insanely strong (from outside powers they got because of a strong sense of justice). 

 ||. Always annoyed/moody side character who has more experience, dislikes main character. 

 ||. “The girl of the group” (literally introduced as that), tragic past and such. 

 ||. Mysterious and extremely powerful yet silly mentor, either acting extremely happy/laid back in front of main character(s), or really serious with other (of shared power) or when trying to “teach” main character.

Also everyone's hair.

Jujutsu Kaisen already has a confirmed third season even if the second one just came out in July, whilst Bungo Stray Dogs still has to catch up to the anime and make enough content to just have a sixth season (obviously it is because different studios animate them and because Jujutsu Kaisen sells much more but it still annoys me.)

The fact that Jujutsu Kaisen gets to be animated by MAPPA studios yet Bungo Stray Dogs has to be animated by Studio bones who washes down the artstyle, characters, and story.

 I think that Bungo Stray Dogs (and other mangas/animes)overall has a much more creative story and characters than Jujutsu Kaisen, yet the Jujutsu Kaisen fandom is much more privileged as the content they get is quicker and done in better quality, plus they get to see their favourite manga/anime get attention and is everywhere (merch, news, awards).

It’s nominated to almost every category of the Crunchyroll anime awards whilst Bungo Stray Dogs has no nominations. And it’s for EVERYTHING. I haven’t researched yet the process of how they get nominated or if BSD doesn’t meet certain requirements to be nominated but there are definitely some categories in which it’s unfair Bungo Stray Dogs isn’t there, considering the popularity it got during July when the fifth season came out, and the amount of good things that the anime still has despite being animated by studio Bones.

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I agree with all of this bc I hate hearing abt it at my lunch table.

Like why tf are you simping for a that looks like a feather duster...

ALSO one time when I was out in public. I was sitting with my friend on the train. An albino guy came onto the train and my friend said "Omg it's Gojo!" It's not Gojo it's just a random person who has Albinism.

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i aint readin allat

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