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Sites I like [Prt1][Graphics,Blinkies,Stamps,Directories,Helpful Sites,ect]

Find the other parts here:Prt2


Ichigo Directory:A directory dedicated to archiving cute sites and layouts, easy to fall down a rabbit hole in here

Mike's graphics:An excellent collection of stamps, blinkies, buttons, avatars, and pixels. Very easy to navigate

Adrian's Blinkie Collection:Some of my favourite blinkies and stamps here

Blinkie Maker:Essential site, easy and quick to use

Vampyre:Blinkies, graphics, stamps, ect, all wrapped up in a really cool layout

Raining-starss:Stamps stamps stamps

Sal's Collections:Can you tell I like graphics

Marginalia Search:An independent search engine, no algorithms or ads tampering with results, good for finding old school sites.

Cloud Hiker: Get sent to a random website, I have found so many interesting things through this site, you get alot of people's personal hobby sites

Read Epithet Erased:Buy his book buy his book buy his book (To be clear this is a shrine)

Easy USSR:The definitive guide to piracy

Fallen London:Free browser based game, excellent writing, Steampunk/Gaslamp fantasy setting

Web Button Maker:A github button maker, free and easy to use

Law of Talos Doc:A list of all existing entries in the Law of Talos OCT with links

Christopher Johnson's Ascii art:Exactly what it says on the tin

What is a MUD:An introduction to multi-user dungeons

Grapevine:Where you'll be heading once you know what a MUD is Palestine with one click a day. Each click tells advertisers on the site that they're getting engagement (whether you actually look at any ads or not) and the money generated goes to support UNRWA to assist the Palestinian peopleWatermelon

Computer Zone:An Ancient Geocity and link directory. Not all the links still work cus it hasn't been updated since the 90s but it's still worth checking out.

Animated Engines:A bunch of very simply drawn but nonetheless very complex animations. These buggers are mesmerising

Make Sweet:You ever see those 3D heart lockets in memes? Here's were you make em

The Chronic Argonauts: H.G Wells prototype of The Time Machine free online

Onelook:A reverse dictionary for when you can't remember the word

Picasion:Make your own glitter text

Art bits from Hypercard:Black and white graphics from old macintosh computers. Proper old school clip art

99 gif shop:Lots of cool graphics themed like an old online shopping site

Gifcities:An archive of old gifs and graphics, really easy to search

Bonnibel's graphic collection: Very well organised and worth checking out


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