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i hate my mom

i hate my mom. i hate her since i was 13 y.o. i hate her. every her movement every her word. why she always says she would support me and be on my side no matter what when she doesnt support me? mom? why i have never heard any supportive words from you? only judgmental stuff. why you expect any trust from me? mom i hate you. i hate you. i just wanted to be loved. but i feel like i dont fit that house. i was born in wrong place. im doing a lot of art since i was 10. and for 7 years i never heard any support from her. but now shes aggressive at every my hobby. im sorry i spend a lot of money to my hobbies. but i spend MY money. not yours. you never gave me money for it. NEVER. so why you hate my hobbies? why? what have i done wrong? mom just tell me why you dont believe in me? i hate you for trying to help me when you dont wanna support me. its ridiculous. i hate my mom. i dont understand how it is love ur parents or siblings. i hate my mom. im sorry. 

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