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Steam Next Fest

I tried a bunch of demos during steam next fest. I haven't found any quirky earthbound inspired rpgs sadly. So far the games that stuck with me were:

Dungeon borne  - dungeon crawling action rpg game where you loot a dungeon and try to escape through a portal with the loot you found. It's a pvpve game so you have to watch out for players n monsters, there's also a zone that gradually shrinks overtime like in a battleroyale. It's somewhat similar to Tom Clancy's Division since that game also has similar gameplay.

Abiotic Factor - a survival game. It's essentially what if you had to play as the half life 1 scientist and survive. Honestly this is rly fun survival game. The world, map, aliens, npcs is almost identical to half life 1 with it's own slight changes and it's own additions. There's also some references to hl1 you might notice on the map. Definitely try it if you like hl1!

Pacific drive - another survival game with a unique take of surviving with a car. You have to drive to certain points of interest, gather resources, upgrade and maintain your car. There's environmental hazards, robots and other things that can affect your journey n make it challenging. After your adventure you have to get back to your garage which is your safe zone. The way you get back to it is by calling out a portal that you have to drive to while the dangerous zone aproaches you.

I'm surprised the next fest had some actually good survival games. 

Anyone else tried out a Next Fest demo? Any cool demos you found?

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