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oh man. you know you have those days that you're extremely bored?? yeah thats me, i'm extremely bored. so i'm gonna make a brand new little series!! Sooooo this series is basically like "i really want to get into gyaru life style but im on budget!!!" im here to help y'all out! since i'm also a gaijin gyaru on a strict budget!!!

the app i'll be using is aliexpress, a great app for beginner gals to get some goodies for a really good price! but be careful about reviews, sizing and everything else. while it's a helpful app and a good tool, it's also essential to practice safe shopping skills too!

note: the sizing on aliexpress is either forgiving or a big fuck you to your size, im considered small in standards and yet i have difficulty finding sizes. keep that in mind while looking for stuff on aliexpress app, always know your measurements in CM!!! if ur plus size, always suggest the keywords: plus, oversized, 6xl, etc. since the sizing again, is really bad.

extra note: ALWAYS look at reviews, i try my hardest to suggest the items with at least a great amount of reviews, if not, always hunt similar items down to the exact detail that you as an individual want, AGAIN this is suggestions ^-^

lets begin with the biggest thing ever. Lashes. LASHES!!!!!! every gal HAS to have her collection of lashes! 

These (I can confirm) are my absolute favorite! they make my eyes look absolutely dolly and adorable!! There's so much more styles but these ones happen to be very popular in design for gal eyemake! Whatever lashes y'all can find, they can work 100% but these ones are my fave and i suggest trying them out!

the bottom lashes are everything! they can really make the entire eyes look amazing and even without them, they're still pretty important to at least have in your collection! They're pretty cute and I wanna just share how much i really love how lashes in general can really bring the face out so well!

Alrighty!! So, lately I know there's a lot of gaijin gals that have popularized these items and I want to share them to the world!! Now, other sellers have similar items, find the ones that you know will fit you the best or the best price for you!

I have most of these items and they're absolutely flattering items! They're simple but also very dressy, it can be extreme or just fairly casual for however the gal feels that day for her code! I just figured these are great starting pieces to have!

skirts, shorts and some flared jeans aaaa!!! of course they're mainly important for nearly all looks, especially light/dark denim! these are suggestions on what are popular, i can confirm that the pleated y2k denim skirt is my staple for almost all looks! its literally the best skirt in the galaxy to me and if i can vouch for it 100 times more, i'll keep going until i fall asleep!! anyways if these arent your thing, i suggest looking into y2k aesthetic jeans as gyaru aesthetic is very close entwine with y2k!

The accessory galore! the belts! the tail! ESPECIALLY the hawaiian flower hair clips!!!! don't get me started on how these pieces became such a staple in a lot of my looks, especially if im not going for a sub-style at the very moment. they're extremely nice to have in your wardrobe and they're just easy to make an outfit pop! again always look for styling inspiration on insta, twitter, pinterest, etc. so much you can do with those simple items!

Shoes, press on nails and fuzzy legwarmers... mmm yup. very much the ideal goods to have. Now shoes are tricky because a lot of the ones that are heavy with gal style (especially the amuraa/heisei era), like the gogo boots and the iconic demonia camel 311 mock boots are pretty pricey, i would suggest trying to find those in thrift shops or shoe stores in general. Press-on nails are also tricky because you'll have to measure your finger tips very carefully and watch plenty of tutorials on how to keep them on!

Now this one is gonna be a fun one to talk about. WIGS! Wigs are very exciting and fun to wear for your looks. Say you dont want to damage your lovely locks of hair with extreme amounts of bleach and coloring, then wigs are the cheapest alternative! I even used my junko enoshima cosplay wig for some of my looks! Any wig can be gyaru as long as you know how to style them! I'm not the best at styling but plenty of youtube tutorials will give you the ins and outs of the basics. Plenty of hair stylists on instagram who are from japan has mastered the style of the sujimori, i suggest finding tutorials on how to make the wigs into that style if you're aiming for that very look!

Wow! lots of me blabbering but I had a blast writing this up. I'm not sure on who will read this or who will find this helpful but i hope to whoever finds my blog & find this helpful will thrive in their gyaru journey, since this style is very much an adventure. Take care! GET WILD, BE SEXY!

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