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senior quote

im not sure what my senior quote should be. i have like 2 ideas but i have no clue. the first one is from Minecraft: "and the universe said you are stronger than you know" and the second is by may jailor, her song Junky Pride: "my dreams are bigger than your junky pride".  the reason i like the first one is because i feel like as a species, humans tend to doubt themselves and they tend to down play how brave they are. i like the second on because almost everyone in my town discourages people to going to a four year college. they want people to just settle for what is in this small town, which is nothing. there is literally no opportunity to change or grow here. the people here are very prideful on the fact that they came from nothing and as soon as they are decent, they only settle for what they have. they dont want anything more. and i am the opposite. i want more and i want to experience life for what it is, for what is beyond the trailer parks and the mundane life. other than those two quotes, i have no idea what to have as my senior quote.

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