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The OG creator of the OG story(Muffins) is someone I do NOT support, I am rewriting this story to give my childhood what it should have got; an ending, a better story, and to reclaim the characters. I am also doing this for everyone else who liked this story. 

I do NOT support harassment Please DON'T go find the creator and harassment them. 

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TW: Blood, a moment of self-harm


"I don't understand why we still have to do all this..." Limestone Pie, aka Blinkie Pie, growled. She had a messy bluish-purple gray coat and her body was a bit skinny but her legs were thick from her muscles. Her fur was spikey but still very soft. Her grayish-amber eyes looked down at the rocks she and her sisters were piling. Her light grey hair was slightly above her eyes and was spiky in the back while her medium-length tail had a spike on the top of it and straight the rest of the way. "Mom and Dad don't even care if we do a hundred piles, so why care?" 

"Hey! I like to think of it as a game! Think of it like that! It makes it fun~!" Pinkamena Diane Pie, aka Pinkie Pie, hums sweetly trying to cheer her sister up. Her hot pink straight hair was getting into her face. She moved it out of the way and gave her sister a nice gentle smile. Her light pink coat was messy but mostly clean, and her bright blue eyes stared into her sister's grayish-amber ones. Pinkie then picked up a rock with her mouth and put it on the top of the pile. "If anything it helps them a lot since they have been doing it alone until Inkie turned four. They need the help."

"The more we complain the less gets done..." Marblestone Pie, aka Inkie Pie, said calmly. She looked over at the other two with her violet eyes. Her long dark gray hair hides one of her eyes and her grey coat is fluffy like her youngest sister, Pinkies. She looked the most tired out of the three. "Mama and Papa want at least twenty piles out here."

Blinkie kept looking back at the basement door and Inkie noticed that. "Blinkie, we aren't allowed to look at the basement doors..." Inkie groaned and looked away from it. 

"I don't see why we can't go into the basement. Hey! What do you think is in it?" Blinkie asked in a whisper yell. 

"I think it's their sweet room where they eat so many sweets and dance..." Pinkie whispered to Blinkie and Blinkie laughed.

"Ha! Could you imagine?! Mom and Dad having Fun?!" Blinkie yelled. Inkie quickly went over to her and put a hoof to her mouth. 

"You need to keep it down if you are going to talk about them... Plus, I doubt they have anything in there but jars and broken glass. Probably why they don't want us going down there." Inkie tells the two in a hushed whisper.

"Come on, Inkie! They are on the other side of the farm!" Blinkie told Inkie and pushed her hoof off her mouth. She then waved her hoof dismissively. 

"Lighten up, Inkie, Ma and Pa can't hear us!" Pinkie added and pushed some rocks with her nose to the pile. "Also, Ma and Pa don't care about what we say as long as we don't say it to their face!" Pinkie rubbed her nose with the tip of her hoof since the rock was sharp and cut her nose. 

"Pinkie, I- Are you bleeding?" Inkie asked and went over to her pink sister. She looked down to see a small bit of blood coming from the cut on Pinkie's nose. She sighed softly, standing up straighter. "I will get a towel." Before she could go the pink filly put her bloody hoof to her lips and started to lick it off. Her eyes widened; her hair twitched. "Pinkamena? Are you okay?" Inkie asked. 

"It's sweet..." Pinkie tells us in a hushed tone. "Like, super sweet." She added. Inkie looked confused as Blinkie took a rock, slitting her front leg above her hoof with said rock. Blinkie watched as blood came out of the cut and she started to lick it. 

"Blinkie!" I yell and knock the rock out of her hoof. Blinkie's eyes widen slightly, "Blinkie! You shouldn't do that! You could get infected!" Inkie told her, she saw Blinkie lick up the blood and saw her eyes widen. "Blinkie..?" 

"It's sweet like Candy..." Blinkie whispered to her two sisters. Pinkie nodded as if to say I told you so. "Inkie, taste it!" Blinkie ordered and put her cut to Inkie's face, Inkie sighed and licked the blood up, her eyes open wide. 

"You... are... right. It is sweet..." Inkie said confused. She looked at the blood still left on Blinkie's leg. "Why is that?" Inkie asked. Pinkie and Blinkie giggled. 

"I have no idea!" Pinkie giggles more. Her hair was twitching a bit more but went back to being flat. "It just is!" Pinkie giggles more and Blinkie starts to laugh more. Inkie shakes her head. 

"This isn't a laughing matter. Let's get your wounds cleaned up." Inkie leads the two into the home to clean their wounds.

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