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It's Rum Cake season!

For the longest time my family has had a tradition of baking Rum Cakes when the weather starts getting cold. They are a Thanksgiving and Christmas staple for us.

My Grandma passed the recipe down to my mom and my mom passed it on to me. My mom never really enjoyed cooking and baking, at least not the way that I do, so for years now I have been the family's Rum Cake baker. But this year dad decided he wanted to spread a few more Rum Cakes around, he wants me to make at least 6 of them. 

Making any cake without a mixer is a fairly exhausting process, beating batter by hand can and will wear you out. So I requested a mixer and shenanigans happened and I ended up with 2. I now have a Sunbeam and a Kitchenaid. So far I have just used the kitchenaid and it is ridiculously quiet and does a great job. Having a mixer really makes the cake making process a lot smoother and it's a really great improvement for me. I also took 2 days before making the first cake and cleaned the whole kitchen, so I now actually have counter space and it is amazing! 

I'll probably bake some more today and I'm actually looking forward to it a lot more than normal ridiculous 💕

picture of the first Rum Cake of the season.

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