help :(

i gotta debate if i wanna transfer next yr this is so hard ( like me fr)

fuck hw these courses r so stupid why am i explaining what i think of whne i thinka art

lemme show u what i said :

When I think of art, I think of several things. Art in itself is life it’s beauty, it’s horror, it’s confusion, it’s perspective, it's nostalgia, it’s understanding, it’s simple and complex with deep meanings that differ from person to person. Art, in and of itself, is an expression of emotion; for me, it is THE external self expression, whenever I feel (or don't), I draw. Art takes many different forms and serves many different purposes. Art is a bond between the artist, the muse, and the audience, something that can bring people together or apart.

(its only supposed to b a paragraph otheriwise id be yapping much more...)

help me make it make more sense or better D:

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