wat is a bulletin!!!????? (IMPORTANT!!!!)

i fully and utterly DO NOT get wat a bulletin is. wat is it 4??!!!! if explained, plz do it in ABSOLOUTLY FULL DETAIL!!!!!!! thank u 4 ur time!! PLZ SUB 2 MY BLOGGYYYYY!!!!!! if not, i will come 2 ur house @ 3AM!!!!!!!! BUHHH BYEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!

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just as blogs are like a diary, spacehey bulletins are kind of like an actual bulletin board. you attach or post the new information to it. it's temporary, it'll get taken down over time as new things happen and need to be posted to it. bulletins are more personal, they can only be viewed by friends and they don't stay forever.

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Bulletins are basically blog entries made by your SpaceHey friends, and they are temporary, so they cannot exist forever. You can find these in your home page. Usually, they can only exist for 10 days by default, although you can set their lifespan for 5 days or even 1 day. You cannot access other people's bulletins if you are not a friend with them.

Bulletins sometimes can be useful to inform your friends about things. But usually people are just using them as they private blog that only their friends can see.

As for me, they are useless, since we already have a "Blog" and "Forum" features.

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it's kinda just like snap stories and only last for like 10 days before they disappear, people use them because it's easier to talk to friends

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