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-i'm pretty introverted so it takes me some time to warm up to people, but of course you're welcome to start conversations with me at any time! i'm always open to making new friends, just understand it'll take me some time before i can fully be at ease talking to you.

-communication is very important to me, so please let me know if i ever upset you, i'll do my best to sort things out and vice versa, i'll also do the same if there's ever an issue.

-i don't usually interact first but feel free to IM me at any time!! it's hard for me to form responses sometimes so please try and help keep the conversation going!!

-let me know if you need tone tags! i already use them every now and then but if you need me to use them more often i will!

-i swear, i type in caps and make kms/kys jokes a lot, please tell me if any of that makes you uncomfortable! ill avoid it if you'd like me to!

-please be 14 or above!

-avoid bringing up or venting about your more serious personal problems right off the bat, please seek professional help! i am just a stranger on the internet, i cannot help you.


- i am a minor, for obvious reasons i don't want anyone 18+ interacting with me. i only make exceptions if i meet you circumstantially (like if i got introduced to you by a friend for example), but otherwise i will not accept any requests from anyone above that age/without an age on their profile.

- the basic dni criteria, so lgbtphobes, racist, lolicons/shotacons, pedo/map/paraphiles (you are all the same anyway), proship

- i can make exceptions for it/its pronoun users but if you use slur or offensive pronouns stay away from me yall are crazy.

-toxic stans.. like dsmp fandom for example

-gaslighters, manipulative and generally rude people who actively seek drama, i am not the one... please leave me alone if that's your intention.

-do NOT add me expecting more than just a friendship. i will not hesitate to block you if you want to act like a creep and/or youre making me uncomfortable.

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