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music survey thing? idk im copying someone else lowkey!

1. what's your favorite band or artist?

mcr, bayside, alesana, so many more i rlly love music!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2. what's your favorite album by your favorite artist?

mcr- bullets, bayside- killing time??? idkkk literally all their albums are 10/10, alesana- the emptiness

3. is that your favorite album of all time?? if not, which one is ?

pretty much

4. what's your favorite song by your favorite artist ?

mcr- honey, this mirror isn't big enough for the two of us, bayside- they looked like strong hands

5. is that your favorite song of all time?? if not, which one is ?

pretty much

6. what's your favorite genre ?

punk, post-hardcore, emo, idk i think genres are a little silly

7. do you prefer listening to albums or playlists ?

9 times out of 10 its albums, i'm just not rlly rockin with playlists most of the time

8. do you use spotify, yt music, itunes or something else?

spotify, CDs, and records

9. name an underrated band and an overrated band!

underrated- bayside!!!!!

overrated- paramore tbh, metallica, and olivia rodrigo.. like yeah shes okay but I feel like too many people are treating her as if shes this musical genius...

10. name an underrated album and an overrated album!! 

underrated- Thursday, waiting

overrated- a lot of FOB, mostly Folie a Deux

11. name an underrated song and an overrated song!!

idkkk there're just way too many songs out there to pick imo

12. what's your most guilty pleasure song ?

not rlly song but bands- falling in reverse's 1st album, brokencyde's 1st album...

13. what instruments do you play? 

GUITAR, some bass, some piano

14. if you were in a band, what would you name it?

I honestly don't know.. I think the name will probably come to me or I will think of one with my band members

15. what's your favorite band name ? (not your favorite band's name, your favorite name a band has)

leftover crack

16. what band/artist have you been listening to the longest ?

lowkey mcr or patd

17. what's the newest band/artist you started listening to ?

drop dead, gorgeous

18. what's the reason you usually start listening to a new band/artist ? (e.g friends suggest them, a song of theirs trends, etc)

usually from last.fm or something like that... sometimes my guitar teacher will show me a new band and I'll become obsessed with them though.

19. be honest, have you ever started listening to a band because a member of it was hot ?


20. what's a band/artist you didn't like at first but you like now ?

I know that there are a couple but my brain just isn't working rn!!!

21. what's a band/artist you used to like but don't anymore ?

kinda metallica and sort of a lot of thrash bands I just don't rlly mess with it anymore tbh

22. what band/artist do you think has the coolest aesthetic/style ? 

ummmmmmm idk korn??

23. how many concerts have you gone to ?

i've gone to a few against my will, but the ones that I actually wanted to go to were the used/ptv and alesana:)

24. what's your favorite concert you've gone to ?

Alesana!!!! It was so awesomeeee

25. if you could go to a concert of any band/artist ever, which would you choose ?

hmmmmmm probably mcr back in the day or like black sabbath in like early 70s orrrrr hmmmm i think it'd be cool to see like the stooges or something....

26. do you care more about lyrics or sound ?

hmmmm a little bit of both tbh

27. would you listen to a band with a bad singer if every other member was amazing ?

yyyyyyeah i think so probably!!!!

28. favorite game soundtrack ?

skate 3

29. favorite movie soundtrack ?

hmmm idk i dont rlly watch a ton of movies

30. are you active in the fanbase for any bands/artists ? 

meh kinda

31. do you ever zone out and imagine epic amvs/edits to a song ur listening to ?


32. have you ever talked about a band/artist so much all your friends started associating anything to do with that band or artist with you ? 

yeah, mcr

33. what band/artist gets too much hate ? 

limp bizkit!!! just speaking my truth!!! like they are not THAT bad... go give ur hate to like blink 182 or something a NON enjoyable shitty band...

34. what band/artist doesnt get enough hate ? 

msi !!!!!

35. do you have any songs so strongly associated with something/someone that you cant think of anythign else when you listen to it ? 

ehhhhhh kinda

36. how many band tees do you own ?(bonus for you emos: how many of them are black ?)

i have 24 clean right now, 14 which are black, but i need to do laundry, so... i don't know the total number and i'm not going through my laundry to count.

37: do you collect vinyls or cds ? 

CDs, but i do have a few records.

38. do you own any band merch apart from tees, vinyls or cds ?

I've got a couple signed VIP passes from alesana and a signed poster:3

39. what's a band/artist that you like that youve never met anyone else who's a fan of it ?

despite them being decently popular, alesana, atleast irl.

40. what are you listening to right now ? 

nine in the afternoon- patd...

41. whos ur musician celebrity crush?

lowkey dont rlly have one maybe jonathan davis or gerard way but like idk

42. do you watch recordings of live performances ?

yeah all the time

43. have you ever purposefully tried to look like a musician you liked ? (eg dyeing ur hair like theirs, copying their style, etv)

yeah I lowkey copied mikey ways haircut and stuff lol I mainly do it sub-consciously.

44. have you ever been compared to any musicians ? if you have, do you see it or not ?

uhhhhhh one time someone said i looked like frank iero... i dont rlly see it i guess its similar face shapes?

45. have you ever had a music related username on any site ?


46. favorite lyrics of all time ?

thats such a good question I reallly wish I had an answer...

47. favorite album cover ?

not sure, maybe title fights shed album... or idk i like baysides sirens and condolences..

48. have you ever listened to an album just because the title or album cover looked cool ?

probably subconsciously.... I think thats why I started listening to choking victim tbh and lowkey most of baysides album covers rlly draw me in and make me more inclined to have a listen 

49. favorite song title ? (not title of your favorite song, favorite title of a song)

drowning lessons is the only one coming to mind... idrk honestly.

50. worst song youve ever heard ? like a song that made you want to claw ur eardrums out and hit every nearby speaker with a sledgehammer until they were shattered to the point of being dust 

flowers- miley cyrus... any meghan trainor song... that one fob song about like 2020 or whatever it sucked ass

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