2024 films i am so excited for

imo 2023 was generally a GREAT year for movies (i loved scream 6, across the spiderverse, talk to me, evil dead rise, priscilla, iron claw, etc....) and i think 2024 is shaping up to be the same way!!! so i wanted to write a list of movies i want to see and hopefully update this listing when i see them :D 

love lies bleeding: saw a trailer for this before iron claw and it's been on my mind for WEEKS

lisa frankenstein: i always look forward to anything silly and scary so i will be seeing this ASAP! probably the first one on this list i'll see... hopefully it'll come to the theater near me but otherwise i'll see it somehow 


i saw the TV glow: this was on my letterboxd watchlist and i kinda forgot abt it (i have soooo many films on there) BUT supposedly it got awesome reception at sundance!!


leigh whannel's Wolf Man 

SAW 11!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

night swim: this is already out lol but i haven't seen it! it looks fun 

immaculate: tbh recent mainstream horror has been kinda oversaturated with nuns and has been oversaturated with catholicism in general since like the 70s... However. i am easy to please

nosferatu: i also need to see the original!!

the sweet east: i LOVE ayo edibiri i will watch anything she stars in ever 

all of us strangers: tbh this may have come out late 2023 i don't remember.. but i saw a trailer before poor things and it looked good!!!

sometimes i think about dying 

how to have sex 

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