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⚠️ TRIGGER WARNING: bullying and self-h-rm !!!

After I just graduated in college, this is my best opportunity in time to create some "songs" that tells about my teenage times. I called this one "Teenage Rockstar". (t should be "Teenage Dirtbag" at first and "Teenage Superstar" at second but they are now already used in certain songs.). So what exactly "Teenage Rockstar" is all about? Well, during our teenage years, obviously, it's not just always the good that has been happening, but there are A LOT of ruckus happened that. On a serious note, this is something that deals with societal issues when we are inside the school campus, such as bullying, broken relationships, rejections and even self h-rm. High school is truly a rough experience we all have, and it's getting worse when we are getting older.

I create atleast 8 of the "tracks" and I am about to tell the titles and what is it all about:

1. YOU'RE NO LONGER HERE - this is just simply "ghosting". Yeah, I had this one crush of mine during I was in college, and he actually made me special like I feel that we are now together, but one day, he just... left! And he is no longer here at my side! Well that's just the story to tell but here are some lyrics to look at:

Deep down in my heart, you just appeared

Even you are no longer here

By my side you just fade like the night turns to day

The memories of your love my soul still embrace

The chapter is closed and done

But my love for you stills the same

Though you are no longer here

But in my heart, you're mine forever

Even I made the biggest mistakes

But everything seems so fine

Deep down in my heart, you just appeared

Even you are no longer here

2. HOPELESS ROMANTIC - This is something that deals of how to get a lover if me myself is not that charismatic or attractive, and that's what makes me a HOPELESS ROMANTIC! Of course, I wasn't just focusing on getting dumped but also I have to address this type of insecurities we have in our lives, especially nowadays, the beauty standard in social medias are hella CRAAZZZYYY! but on a good note, there are a lot of influencers that wants to take on an advocate about body positivity and SELF-LOVE, which is kinda nice!

For many times he's in love

And many times he received not

A Hopeless romantic remained hopeful

Even he is making himself a fool

3. GUYS LIKE ME - So this is something to all of my fellow, lovely LGBTQ+ people over there! Yeah, I am actually classified myself as gay and I actually LOVE IT this way! It's just that I am really having a hard time to come out of my closet (which every rainbow sheeps like me are) but I overcome it and I am now living the best of my life! But aside from the, this is also like a message, that one day, there is a man or a guy that will like me or love me for being gay or for being who I am!

I hope there is a guy who like me

And never going to despise me

As I already torn apart

To whom I love that breaks my heart

4. I'LL ASK - So this is more personal to me. This is something that I reflect to myself of what am I even doing to live? Like do I have a purpose why I am existing despite of all the sh--ty happenings in my life?

5. LEFT WITHOUT A TRACK - another ghosting song about my crush but a fun fact here is that I just wrote this one for only 15 MINUTES! Yeah. I was kinda bored because I am just here in the house all day and have no work at all.

I wish that you'll come find me

Even you're the one that is gone

There's no need that you will hide me

From your secrets that I already known

6. MADE TO LAST - "We were meant to be, but not made to last." I am not done with this yet.

7. TNO (Trust No one) - Having trust issues is really what we have nowadays. It's so hard to find someone that you can gain trust on them, so why not create a song about this? (Actually I didn't start this one yet also)

8. TEENAGE ROCKSTAR - So, this is kind of a petty song to me. because I want to somehow expose myself in the crowd and be that rockstar the shone in the spotlight but it didn't happen so I guess this is just a dream to me. I am actually done with this, but I need to revise the lyrics because i was originally wrote as "Teenage Superstar".

Well, that's all I have to share it with you, guys, or maybe I called you also rockstars because you always rock! You always slay in every way! But that's all I would share this with you right now. I am also going to talk about random stuffs of my life eventhough there is nothing special to share with. I just want interaction with you and also want to know more if you are also same in my side. That's it! I hope this "album" of mine will be successful in the future (but actually I don't want to become famous or what. I just want to express myself through a song because I love music and it runs in my blood.) Thank you. Take care as always. XOXO

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Jonathan Ray

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You have great passion! I wish you well in your musical endeavors!! Be sure to take it one song at a time and give it all the love you can, that was a tough lesson I learned when I first started making songs. If you ever wanna chat writer to writer, feel free to message me. God bless bro!

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hey there! thank you so much for the nicest worfs you said. yeah we should interact with one another. i want to know what are some techniques to become a better songwriter. :) let's catch up!

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