(Nsfw) Pretty N Pink

Some Valentines Themed stuffsss!!! How could I freaking not!! I kept it to the Pinky colors and used my Koi Watercolor set to make it more saturated.  and heres my full stupid desk setup. I Know its messy and the 2nd amplifier is for decoration 

I Really enjoy her more square and realistic form rather than an overly curvy form. and it still turned out fufin stunning and the welcoming flirtatious pose just adds to the lovey dovey nature of the drawing. and the patterns i made with the watercolor. chefs kiss honestly. 

Full Full Drawing!!

erm I gotta say I am proud of tha bush. It's kinda hard for me to draw dense body hair and the bush be dense but Just the Texture is enough to look so hawt.  

Mr.Brightside (Cover) - Negative Xp

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Love the Artwork!! <33
The cats face xD
The crosshatch looks great and fits for the bush texture!

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Ty Much <333 mew mew mew :3

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