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Hey all. It's time for me to make a post of what I've been doing. Shit's been stressful the last month or so, been lurking every once in a while.

Anyways, I went to AnthroExpo 2024 this last weekend. Despite being a furry for years, first furcon I ever went to was AnthoExpo 2023, so it's technically my one year anniversary of being an actual active furry. Since then, went to Wild Nights last April, TTFC last September, and MFF this last December. Had a really good time taking pictures and partying with friends.

I have a friend who was hosting two hypnosis panels. Pretty cool stuff I think. He did a session with me Friday night. I think I was a little too tired for it to work well, but I definitely got what he was saying about "focus into a singularity". There was a good while where my head was just completely empty and all I really processed was his voice. That was pretty nice. High strung day, good to have no thoughts for a bit. The whole thing lasted about 30 minutes, though it felt more like 15. Brains are weird.

I also did cosplay for the first time, though I suppose it's not any real character, just me with cool shit. At MFF I saw someone at the rave with a kitted out S10 gas mask, which is awesome because I love the S10, but never owned one. Talked to them and got the info on where all their stuff came from. Got the mask, some RGB ring lights, and blackout lenses in time for AnEx. Didn't actually wear it much, only for the an hour or two at the rave on the first and second night.

Very weird experience. For one, I'm not used to walking into a room and having everyone look at you and it being a good thing. Had a handful of people come up to me and tell me they like the mask. Second, it took a little to get used to communicating mostly through non-verbal emoting. I actually had a lot of fun doing that and see a lot of the appeal of fursuiting through it. Third, low-peripheral vision is a bitch. I have so much more respect for suiters.

I also commissioned an inked sketch of my sona. Didn't get to the artist quick enough for it to be done before the end of the con, but I got to see the pencil sketch, and it's super cute! Can't wait for it to get mailed out.

So yeah, in conclusion, furrys. If any of you are con goers, let me know where you'll be this year

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that seems like such a wonderful time ! so glad you got to go n experience all that :]

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