hEllO wOrlD!

hello, beautiful people on the Internet! this is my first time using SpaceHey. i just discoveredit yesterday and why not create one? i've always been in fond of Y2K stuffs, especially those old, gone socmed platforms like Friendster/MySpace but i'm happy that i found this one. it may be 2024 as of this moment, but i feel like i went back to 2008 for using this one, and also im so done of using Facebook already because i have nothing else to see or hear or to interact to people on my FB acc. They're just there for me if they need help to me and that's it. hopefully here, i can have a circle of friends that is kind, pretty, and out of their shells as always!

anyways, i really want to keep in touch with you because i wanna share something to you in my next blog entry, and that is on attempting to create a music album of mine heheheh yeah i am trying to create one, but it's also hard and challenging to create melodies in a single song, so maybe this'll end up as an another poem compilation of mine uhu. anyways, please take of yourselves as always. you ae loved even you feel you aren't (even myself feels like that, too). ilysm xoxo.

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