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dwelling in the library

okay so im just omw to chill @ the library when some dude trys to holla at me from his car, it was so embarresing (mostly for him, cause i pretended to not notice him) he then sped off obviously mad LMAO, so im grabbing the short second life of bree tanner. judging by the synopsis, it seems to be a side story about one of the newborns from twilight eclipse, looks promising lololol

then i rented breaking dawn pt2 and grand hotel on dvd, i really need to get my own copy of breaking dawn, i literally have all 4 movies in the saga except pt2 ugh.

i also got the breaking dawn book, ive been reading the books lately and jesus.. obviously very differnet hah, i noticed how the mean girl lauren and normal girl jessica were merged together in the movies, then jacob was way less shitty in the books among other stuff lmao.

im gonna look in the manga section, BYEEE

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