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what do i even do on the internet

like what do i even do???? what websites even are there???? i go on like 2 apps on my phone and i like only ever play minecraft on my computer. im on tumblr a lot but like what else even is there???/ internet people please give me internet places to go <3

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Might I suggest Marginalia Search for finding cool websites without sites that have payed Google to be placed first clogging results, much easier to find independents through keywords this way but it doesn't really do questions. Search up some of your interests, find yourself some hobby sites.

Alternatively Cloud Hiker is a good time sink and can introduce you to niches you've never even heard of before quickly. It'll send you to a random site from it's curated directory (so no ending up on gore pages).

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Also Fallen London. Fallen London is the best free browser game I have ever played and I highly recommend it.

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reddit dot com

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i like to surf into old blogs, going to fandoms wiki, search for information, listen to podcasts and sometimes make friends on twitter or tumblr. u need to searxh 4 things u like or learn something newe, internet is a good place for that hope it helps! :)

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thank u! its honestly surprising how little i do on the internet despite being on it for most my life lol, i appreciate you!!!

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