(Drawing) Pin-Up Watercolor Speedpaint!!!

More Watercolor!!! I fufin love it. Could not find credits to the original model but she is freakin beautiful. and I hope I translated some of it into the drawing. I would prefer it to be darker but her skin tone got a color temp.

The density of the crosshatching is something i really like and really brings out her perfect form and I aint too proud that I just copied the background from the original photo but.... Y'know what the real focus of the drawing is

Full Full Drawing!!

Uwaaa she's so pretttyyyy. I just love how natural the bewbies be looking. and the pose just makes it so freaking good. it just presents her features in such a simple pose. alright alright! enough wit that. if u wanna hear me more check out my Freaking Speedpaint! 

Good Time - Owl City (Pluggnb Remix FlyingFish)

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