I wish I could find myself a boyfriend (future husband)

I am terrible with communication, so it is hard for me to talk to people and get to know someone. I have been trying online dating; however, it is not going so well since I do not have the full upgraded version of the app. I use Bumble and Facebook dating; I manage to meet someone on there for a little bit (Facebook) however he just stopped texting me.

Bumble is the other one I use, however I never managed to get someone to still talk to me on there, or like me back on it. I feel like I am not good looking enough to get at least someone to give me a chance. Any ideas on how to try and date? I am also a Christian girl and hoping to find another Christian like me to date. 

I would like honest options to find someone, not some weird sly remarks. Is there any good dating apps that would be able to help me out?

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