When my life stops being mine and becomes absent

Stop feeling alive without precedent

And I deeply fear not knowing what I want

What I think, what I do, what I miss

I cry without tears because I don't know what you're telling me

New scars I have found

And I'm not able to get over it

I am afraid to forget and I see that I am incapable

To make all the memories no longer hurt

Because I am not capable of accepting the passage of time

I don't want certain habits to come back to me

But I have no idea how to lie

It is evident that I am going to fake my death

I need to put an end to this obsession

Or else it will lead me to my doom

It is impossible for me to hide my guilt among so many feathers

Roadrunner feathers dyed crimson red

It is impossible for me to feign regret if they see me in this state

Drunk with all my memories and hurts from the past

With broken fingers and blood running down my arms

Could my heart beat again?

In these pathetic letters

Empty but complete

Because of my lack of ability to find inspiration

Like a simple exaggeration

Beautiful sunrise that I refrain from looking at

Where are you going?

Greetings to melancholy, my dear friend

That returns to my chest and breaks my ribs

All my friends are dead at the end of the day

I don't want to live like this anymore

Not without the pain burning at night

Because I love to suffer

I realize that I am capable of feeling

"Don't cry anymore," they tried to tell me

So many stars etched in my mind

So many existing stars

In my beautiful scars still present

Because you? Why did it have to be you?

Who follows my steps forever


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