Pictures i've taken throughout the years

A couple years back, i found my family's old camera, i remember we used to take it to every family vacation and i've always been fascinated by it, so when i found it again i decided to take control over it and take pictures of everything i could possibly find interesting. I've taken it everytime i hanged out with my friends, everytime we did some urban exploring and found cool abandoned places, took it to every trip, i've captured literally anything that catched my eye. 

I've annoyed many many people many many times with my beloved camera, and now, i'll annoy the world with some cool pics i've taken over the years, most of them are very random and trashy, and all of them have the date messed up, all of them date from the year 2006, since it's the year the camera was made, i thought it looked pretty sick so i never changed it.

They might not be great, maybe not even good, but there's just a certain charm on f*cked up pictures and weird photography, i just love it so much.

(i have many more pictures, but most of them are pictures of my friends, so i didn't include them to respect their privacy, maybe with their permission i'll eventually make a post with more pictures with them on them)

Hope you like them, lmk what you think :)

TRIGGER WARNING: Some of the pictures could be pretty disturbing, you can see stuff like animal skeletons and brains, and fire, so if you're easily triggered by any of this things you might wanna skip this blog.

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Kewl picturez! I really love the last picture. <3

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THANK YOU SO MUCH, yea i really like that pic too, i'm very proud of it, also the timing was perfect, the sky was so pretty <3

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