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(drawing) Sanrio girl lewdie

From My last couple of drawings being single subject drawings I finally decided to draw backgrounds again!!!! I know there ain't no sanrio in the picture but you know the type. shout out to the photo model "sweet piece of ash" beautiful beautiful model!! and... erm credit to whoever posted the uhhh bed reference 

Of course I had to make her a pissy mad girl just like me but I promise soon bubbly bitches are on the way. she's fufin beautiful. the crosshatching could be more dense honestly. but it still brings out her blocky curvature even more. 

Full Full Drawing!!

This full drawing is somn i be liking I think I could have worked harder to make the lamp seem to be the only light source. but I just love the vibe of it. just such a pure looking background with such a hawt subject within it. and the color tone just adds to the coldness of ash's face the limited color pallet emphasizes the sterile and purity of the bedsheets which is broken up by the lewdie girl 

Good Time - Owl City (Pluggnb Remix FlyingFish)

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