I've been glitching cars all week on gtaonline...

Well, most of us have to be honest. I actually have my character set up right now as afk so friends can use my ramp buggy for the most important step for this particular glitch lol

Even though it's a big headache for Rockstar Games, I LIVE for these merge glitches lol
and for anyone unfamiliar, a merge glitch is where you take a car that has specialty rims and paint you most likely cannot put on other cars normally, and then you transfer those assets to the desired car. With each update, a new merge glitch can appear just as the last is patched, and can vary in difficulty and potentially limit what cars you can do based on what is required for the glitch.

Lately it's been an ordeal finding anyone with cool cars to buy legitimately in game, so this glitch has been great. Right now, those who are doing this glitch in my crew are focusing on merging cars that people usually don't go for, and finishing collections from the last, more accessible merge glitch.Ā 

Some in the gta community really frowns upon these glitches. And while I can understand money glitches and duplicating cars, these cosmetic glitches are perfectly okay in my book. With the exception of F1 tires, this glitch really doesn't offer any "edge" to other cars. It just alters the appearance. With older cars in the game with little or no customization, these are great ways to breathe new life into them.

I also love to see what wacky ideas people make reality. Some people keep their desired merges subtle, while others go over the top. I'm more in between aesthetically.Ā Ā 

Later on, I have to walk one of my sister's new friends through doing this glitch. I'm pretty excited!Ā 

That's all!Ā 

If anyone actually reads these, I thank you! XDĀ  Ā Ā 

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