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drawings I made in January!1!11!!! Ouo

I have drawn too much in January, but I feel that it was not like that and I should have drawn more. :P

Right now I have two broken teeth, I haven't been to the dentist because they are on vacation right now, I want to fix it right now before going back to school, last year was a bad year because of my classmates and family problems, so I don't want to start worse than before.

There's a drawing missing, but I won't publish it because I'm embarrassed. ;^;


I was on Tiktok, I found an edit of Jackie dressed as Chun Li and it seemed like a good idea to draw Woozie dressed like that. lol (1/4/2024)


I came back to play GTA 3 just because of Asuka and her romance with Maria, although in the game their relationship is emotionally s3xual, I can't think of the two of them together in that way. <: (1/7/24)



I have liked this ship for a long time but I didn't feel like drawing it. It feels a bit ugly to invent a ship and that no one has thought of making content for that ship. Q^Q (1/8/24)


TW: cute + horror.


I discovered that there was a trend on Twitter that they should redesign Hatsune Miku with your personal tastes and I did this. :3 (1/10/24)



I needed an excuse to draw this ship, ok? (1/10/24)




Last month I was playing a lot of games in my childhood, I had to install a patch in chrome to be able to play the flash games fluently. :3 (1/12/24)



The "reference":F8Cab1iXcAAnlhH.jpg

In GTA San Andreas, you can find figures of Tommy and his boyfriend (Lance Vance, my God, pay attention to their calls, they act like boyfriends. >.<) and bangarang. (1/16/24)



A claude speedΒ fetus. (1/17/24)



Skibidi dom dom yes yes skibidi di di. (1/16/24)



That's right, this girl has war robot parents. Γ’wΓ“ (1/25/24)


Last drawing of that month, humanized sketch of the titans. (1/30/24)



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Your artstyle is really nice and pleasing to look at.. I really like the Miku drawing

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Thanks you!! ^^

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