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you every just need to get shit out?

  So recently I've been needing to just like create something. And it's not even like I don't know what it is the I need to create, I actually know exactly what it is, or- what THEY are. And I kinda already have fully planned out how I'm gonna do it too. But I just need to actually do it. I'm currently launching my paranormal investigation channel with my best friend, and we do other fun stuff on there. But we've started to gain a following on TikTok already too. But we haven't posted out first video yet. That's something we're still in the process of doing. And the other thing, is kinda completely and totally unrelated, but its a story

  I'm not sure where it comes from, but I've always, ALWAYS had this intense love for stories and coming up with stories and just creating. And I've written and rewritten and scrapped more stories then I could possibly ever remember. But recently I've had an Idea for one that has felt... different. It's a story that, I feel like it would be a shame if other people didn't get to enjoy it as much as I enjoy just thinking about this world, and these characters. I think that people need a story like this, esspecially right now. I have the story, and the plan, and everything ready. I just need to actually type it out now. and I'm so excited to do it! But sometimes, most of the time actually, with these sorts of things I get so excited about them that, it's almost like I get clogged up (Pay no attention to how gross that sounds XD). But it's almost like there is so much excitement that needs to come out that the actual thing cant make its way out of my brain because all I can do is talk about how excited I am about the thing. 

  So thats sort of what this is. I'm just venting out how excited I am about my projects. I know that most likely no one is reading this, but if you are, thank you for making it this far in <3

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