31: a horror movie rant + review?


I may be a bit biased on this because 31 is the movie in which I was introduced to the beautiful man I know of as doom head but I'll try my best to not be opinionated. As with any Rob Zombie movie, it takes place in the good old south. Of course, there's raunchy humor but I can get past that because I laugh at practically everything. Now, the whole concept of having a killing game where you have to survive for hours while having maniacs hunt you down is pretty sick ngl. That opening scene with doom head and that priest???? I ate it up I won't lie. I PROMISE I am NOT saying that because I'm madly in love with him (maybe).  

Back to what I was saying, the entire concept of the whole game and having some old rich people bet on you is a really nice and interesting concept. The thing is, I feel like it had a lot more potential. All of the heads were great in my personal opinion. Well, maybe not all. Sex head and death head and their design seemed uh... boring. I liked the fact that they were a couple but something about them just felt off? And the way other heads were skipped just to fit in doom head? The mention of their being more is honestly interesting and I wish we could've seen them. 

Moving on towards the end cause I have nothing really else to say... Doom head finally making his true appearance was really cool. He showed up and beat tf outta himself because he's insane and because he can. He even played dress up for the occasion!! I love doom head so so so much but they RUINED HIM. They played him out to be this badass and that he could get the job done quick and everything, ONLY FOR HIM TO FAIL. ALL BECAUSE HE COULDNT SHUT HIS MOUTH AND KILL CHARLY. ARE YOU SERIOUS???? He was so close to killing her via strangulation but he HAD to let go. Honestly, it pissed me off so bad. NOT ONLY THAT, HE GETS MAD THAT SHE WON THE GAME??? LIKE IF ITS NOT HIS FAULT FOR YAPPING TOO MUCH??? Since I'm guessing he couldn't deal with her winning or wateva he goes and finds her himself??? He was caught lacking and could not take his L LMAAAOOOO 

Anyways, this concludes my very shitty review of 31. Overall, it was ALRIGHT. A little below average but I still enjoyed it. If anyone else thinks this movie is a 10/10 then that's fine!! Everyone has their own opinions and I respect that as long on mine are also respected. I might make more of these blogs MAYBE if I don't forget this site exists. If anyone actually read up to this point, leave me any recs on any horror movies to talk about. If I haven't seen them I'll give it a watch and then give them a review!! I stand my case. Thank you for reading!!!

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