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Satyrs ୧ ‧₊˚ ⋅ ☆


Satyrs are one of several creatures from Greek mythology, they are described as a male figure with a horse's tail and ears, while the popular figure is described as a half-human, half-goat. These creatures are said to be siblings of the mountain nymphs accompanied by the fetuses, which are very useless creatures.

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The satyrs, related to the meneads, are also part of the Dionysian courtship that accompanies the half god Dionysus, although they can also be found roaming the woods alone, apart from being one of the members of the group of Dionysus, they can be part of the group of Pan or Silenus. It is said that the sons of the aforementioned Silenus, called Leneus, Astreo and Maron would have been the fathers of the satyrs since this is a matter of tradition, which would mean that Silenus would be their grandfather.

The satyrs are concidera as one of the creatures of Greek mythology that ah unlike the others they bring certain characteristics or with a cheerful and mischievous character, although they do not know with certain control their unbridled and unrestrained character to the point that they can reach the limit of becoming dangerous and even violent. Besides, as they are part of the Dionysian, they are wine lovers like their progenitor and even in the case of women they enjoy certain physical pleasures.

Two Satyrs

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★ click for see more information about the paint !! - Year : 1619 - Author : Peter Paul Rubens - Technique : Oil painting on panel - Style : Baroque - Location : Alte Pinakothek, Munich

I would like to present this wonderful work that was made by his fist and affection Peter Paul Rubens, its name with which it was baptized was "Zwei Satyrn" in addition to its name in English as "Two Satyrs" and its name in Spanish "Dos Sátiros" (Two Satyrs).

Paul presents this work with its two protagonists who are two satyrs accompanied by a dark and neutral black background where these two fit perfectly with the aesthetics, where the first satyr that captures the gaze of the public eye, could be described with a face of mischief and malice, where at the same time this same holds a bunch of grapes, apparently wearing a garment made of leather of some animal. On the other hand would be the other satyr that with certain taste is enjoying his little bit of wine where he is drinking it in a bowl in a perspective of profile, another characteristic that could be described is that in both cases is that these two contain a certain blush on their cheeks that this could indicate their state of drunkenness.

Some of the experts who took the time to study the work considered that Paul took the face of bread as a reference because the artist acquired an antique vase and could be guided by it.

★ note : I have to thank and give credits to Wikipedia for helping me to give body and shape to this blog (I needed to nurture more on the subject of satyrs) as well as giving credits to pinterest and for the images.

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rigatoney ^_^

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super cool!! satyrs i think are one of my favourite mythological beings because of their mischievousness

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Omg I love this so much, Greek mythology is one of my favorite

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