"what happened to XxmikeyxX?"

what i'm assuming happened was that he just simply got his phone and pc taken away. 

the last conversation we had was him talking about getting caught writing smut in class and lying to the principal about it, what i dont understand is that the last message he sent was saying that the school fell for his lie, then didnt answer even though i responded IMMEDIATELY. the order i'm assuming things happened was

1- he got caught

2- told me what happened

3- lied about it to try to get out of trouble

4- told me he lied about it and they fell for it

5- the next day he ended up getting caught and grounded

what i don't fully understand is that he's said before that his mom tends to forget he has a pc and doesn't take it away even if he gets his phone taken. there's more pointing to him simply getting his shit taken though

heres screenshots if anyone wants more context

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charlie!! xP 🍉

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and i think a lot of people know this(? not sure) but mikey used to go by craig (XxcraigxX) so if you were friended with XxcraigxX you were friends with mikey

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Hope he returns soon

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