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Work can get rough sometimes..

  These 9 hour work days are gonna be the death of me!
  Before it wasn't so bad doing 2pm-8pm.. I was there a couple hours, got my hour break around 4pm-5pm-ish, then only had about another 3-4 hours left..
 About 3-ish hours of work, take a break for 1, then come back to finish strong on another 3-ish while closing ain't so bad at all..!

 But now doing like 3 hours, take a break to finish up another 5-ish hour..shidd weighs down on ya! 

 Like, I asked for 40 hours to be full time but they only gave me 36 so I couldn't get paid full time, and not to mention 9 hours a day, for 4 days in a row...!

  Look man, I'm strong and all but that gets brutal at times....

 I gotta talk with my boss in getting a couple less hours and breaking apart my schedule because before I also only worked every other day so working was a total cakewalk, man!

  Not to mention, I gotta park several hours early just to get a parking spot, so my next 4 days are dedicated to only working straight! I don't want that, man! Plus I gotta help out my family from time to time and what help am I if I feel broken to shidd from working all damb day??!

 Anyways..I'm totally procrastinating on sending that email since I don't wanna give off the impression I'm some lazy sucker that wants less hours after asking for more...I gotta choose my words carefully because I really like this job and want to keep good impressions with my boss, they're super cool..

  Wish me luck I don't make an ass of myself in this email I send 'em... Cuz like c'mon man, I work hard but I'm not trying to work myself to the absolute I wanna see my family once in a while, mannn...eughhh, I really put myself in this pickle...

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