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HELLO???????????? i didn't realize i haven't posted since OCTOBER. time to yap


not much has happened in my life since school started because i'm doing online, and guys never go online this is my biggest regret of my fucking life it is so lonely and i cannot learn anything im horrified to go back in person next year im gonna fail algebra for the rest of high school </3

im currently in a basic era....... but i still like emo bands :3 im obsessing ober brandt melville and GUYS i just got the miss dior perfume todau and my fucking pink stripe vs pajamas got delivered yesterday. imgetting another brandy packahe any day now im so excited!!!!!!!! and i might be going ot brandy this weekend but its far away but my dad gotta go over there anyway SO YAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSSSSS oh and im going to the gym #buff

im ttying to fix myselg and my social life and i looooooooove my friends guys theyre all my bffs :3 im getting closer with this one person and theyre the sweetest person ever! i lvoe poeple 

idk what else to ssaaaaaaaaaaaaay OH my room finally got painted and i rearranged all my furniture and i got a desk! yay!

i think im forming a shopping addiction bc of christmas.............

i have to go back to work in like a month im so scared T_T

BUT so excited for this summer. i might be going to myrtle beach and then an island near me but im not saying which bc thats bad but ya! and then im goign to a zoo and aquarium this summer SO EXCITING. im turning 16 this year and im gonna get a cute cake i want a heart shaped cake :3 i wish  i had a friend group that i can hang out with on my brithdya but aaaagh but its oaky and omg i just realized im turning 17 NEXT YEAR. thats horrifying ill cry. also i have to start leanring how to drive this year....... my biggest fear..........

oh and i might need surgery................... #kidneystones :/

ok i yhink thats all.........bye for another few months lolz

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