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records i'm listening to - jan 2024

lucybell - lucybell (1998): dream pop meets goth rock meets electronica meets breakbeats meets bossanova meets heavy metal. cohesive and nice sounding. shoegaze guitars here and there, awesome drumming, punching bass, love the keyboard sounds.

cleaners from venus - midnight cleaners (1982): genius work. pre-c86, pre-smiths, pre-modern indie. awesome songs, beatlesque melodies. side a, marvelous pop songs. side b, interesting jazzy compositions and drum machine sounds.

astrobrite - super crush (2002): due to my lo-fi preferences with astrobrite i thought it was going to be not good at all. i was insanely wrong. hi-fi recordings of demos, crush and 8 candy songs with excellent playing. scott knew how to turn noise and hiss down and actually do some crazy guitar tones that fulfill the noisy soundscapes of previous records. bass on this record is a bit too loud, so not every song is gonna sound good on certain devices (tried on a car and loud bass kills the mood). one of the few nugaze records that feels like the og shoegazing ones from the early 90s. as a final note, drumming is killer.

mi andromeda - solana (2015): this does have every good aspect of a noisy af shoegazing record. dreamy synths, excellent guitar work, a strange but nice combination of real lo-fi drums and treble-y drum machines, interesting melodies and harmonies. when i discovered that the whole record was made on a windows xp computer from the 2000s i was shocked (altho sweet trip records were also made on computers). i love this record. it's a shame that almost nobody knows about it.

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im confused as to how the fuck you got a cleaners of venus vinyl and astrobrite that's so nuts. I'm always so jealous of people's vinyl finds on here cuz like wtf..... i think the record I'm most proud of is MBV - loveless

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i forgot i listen mostly thru spotify and sometimes youtube, bandcamp. my only vinyl record is treasure by cocteau twins. my bad

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