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Blinkies - Made without generators, part 1

My blinkies: Made without generators, part 1

All of these were made with PhotoPea and EZGif.

No credit to me necessary when using, but comments are appreciated!
Please do not use the kink ones if you are a minor.


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How do I add these to my page?

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1. Right-click on the image you want to use.
2. Select the part that says "copy image link".
3. Type the following into your profile: "< img src ="" >" (but without the surrounding quotations or spaces. Keep the quotation marks that are on the inside of the brackets.
4. In-between the quotation marks on the inside of the brackets, paste what you've copied.
There you go!

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Thanks! ill have to do that when im not using a tv.

by R3sting_13; ; Report

✰ NiKKi

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so cool!! how did you make them? seems to be a little difficult

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In PhotoPea, I made a box two pixels wide around the edge in black, then colored it in with white dashes, then inverted it. On ezgifs.com, I took the two frames (the original with the dashes and the inverted one) and made a gif with them. (PhotoPea wasn't working with that for me for some reason or else I would've exported it as a gif from there.) Important to note: the background on both these frames was transparent.

I then uploaded the gif into a new PhotoPea file. Because the background was transparent, I could fill a layer underneath the folder containing the frames (as you can see, it's different in each blinkie).

I THEN opened a picture of whichever pride flag the blinkie has, duplicated it into the file I'm working on the blinkie in, and shrink it way down so that it fits in the border. You might want to zoom way in so you can see a pixel grid, it'll help to make sure you're not covering the blinking part. You might also find there are some transparent bits at the edges you'll want to erase. Duplicate the pride flag layer when you've got that adjusted and move it to the other end of the blinkie, with both of these layers above everything else.

I hope that makes sense! Feel free to ask me for any more questions. If you would like, I can send you the template itself so you can make your own blinkies, although I'd definitely say it's worth it to try it out yourself!

by ⛧Local Void⛥; ; Report

thank you so much for explaining it in such detail! I already have a little idea of how photopea works so I'll give a try :D

by ✰ NiKKi; ; Report