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I think the gore accounts are made by my ex

So my ex is Micah (Michael,Artyom,Maikol,Rebster etc) and he has made loads of gore accounts and the reason I think he made them is

1- the pictures being used are pictures Maikol used to scare me

2- it started happening when I made the acc to talk 2 Garfield he also said before he also messaged me the shush emoji

3- he’s friends with all of them 

Idk but seems like he’d do it 

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SpiderPlantGod🎐🏙 newblogcommenter

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Literally left a year ago and came back
I rhought the gore guys would get bored by now

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spacehey is like twt but worst

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I don't know if I saw it right but there was a mtf who literally had a picture of Daisy Destruction on his profile, like bruh, wtf men?

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by Molly / Gorti <3; ; Report

Franz Kafka

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I’ve noticed he’s in their comment section bragging about how gore gives him a boner…..

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by N1c0la!; ; Report

Idk how you could date this person, and I hope they didn’t hurt you, I’m kinda new to SpaceHey so idk much abt him

by Franz Kafka; ; Report

He verbally abused me

by N1c0la!; ; Report

I’m sorry you’ve suffered because of such evil person, I’ve just stumbled upon one of his accounts by accident and he seem like an horrible person and I cannot understand why he does this. I hope you healed, or will heal from the pain he caused. :(

by Franz Kafka; ; Report