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Where the fucc did i go CW// SEX DRUGS N ROCK N ROLL

Good evening spacehey, i speak from the edge of janurary 2024..

what the actualy fuck

to think where i was in 2021 when i made ths account.

well i moved to uni,,, it broke my brain, dissociated like crazy, but hey i live alone and it kinda works, im losing weight but i eat enough to go aboutmy daily life, but i get the urges to chase things, i chase the duration of a night out, i chance new company, or i chase new substances. because no drug connections, but ill see and take what im offered, guess where that got me haha, Val overdose October 12th and no not like a death overdose but it was a way too muchadose and the day i went cold turkey on them and i went so insane and disconnected i sliced my proto boobs to bits.. well not that bad but it left tonnes a scars but made a cool album cover! but i think ppl would find it too disturbing to use.. around this time or maybe starting before my personality gradually became a dog because my brain kinda maybe started forgetting itself idk, and rn there's not a lot else unelss we think rlly hard

i picked up the pieces and got in the new relationship soon after with a fire artist. it wasn't lasting long, some stuff involving her ex on her end, but it was fun i guess, but we got so blazed we can hardly remember it.. then november 5th my first acid, 250uq on my own. that boy said it was the perfect dose and im up for adventure so why don't we huh, well anyway i don't remember hal fof what it pointed out was wrong with my brain but i am held together with tape as a person, also one point got so crazy it split my personality into two girls, and now since then that hasn't gone away so i'm made of 2 alters kinda and need to get tested honestly but cba, it's MY headspace and I get it. but brother we did not want this shit. Then november was a phase of going broke and going out to drink with friends, meeting people, and hooking up, very often. Wouldn't care how they acted, their vibes, i see someone nice, i'd have to go sleep with them, anything for single approval, it got me with the wrong kinda people once or twice and the sex felt dead but i was feeling something. i did make a friend with one hookup tho in november, we still close and it got me into a group im kinda movin in w so there's that. December i was badly ill thru most of what the fuck, so dissociating and scrounging weed. also christmas too, and a failed assignment, but i guess it was probably fun, i can't remember, nowwww january... my money is better protected. im tryna have fun out there with what little i have, im getting back into music as the lost puppy dog i am, and im just tumbling thru whatever life is, i should look for a job when i get the energy to visit a cv. it's awkward being ALMOST okay to live as i am but then being just a littttlleeee short of money to drink out, like if i had £10-20 more a week i'd be sorted. but there's that

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oh there was also december's rekindling with the girl of my dreams but it fell thru again cuz idk, avpd symtpoms, so jus yearning for someone to let this street dog inside

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