2nd part of the story!!!! (DO NOT STEAL PLSSSS!!!!)

  He inched closer and held my hand. His gentle eyes gazed into mine, His face was getting closer to mine. I broke this moment when I turned away, "we can't..." I said softly. He looked away saying nothing, I wanted to cry. Did I upset him?... Or hurt him.. I looked at him placing my hand on his arm. I knew that this night was going to be the last time we'd dance, we'd touch..., And the last time my heart will ever flutter the way it does when I'm with him. Or the last time I would ever hear him say "I love you" in a way we both felt for each other. "Dammit don't cry now-" I told myself internally. As the thought of this being the last time my heart would be whole, He gave me a worried look. "what is that look for?..." I thought, Then I realized why he was look at me like that. My face felt wet, they were tears. "oh." I said softly, He placed his hand on my cheek wiping the tears away. "What's wrong my dearest?" Dearest?.., Oh how I'll yearn for that name in the future..

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