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(Furry Drawing) Totally not a cat boy maid, no officer no....

Trust me I hate it just as much as you do but..... I just had to......look here listen just hear me just ... hmmm fineee I just  wanted my fursona as a lil maid. cuz I love cleaning!!! Vro Consuela from family guy I'm littrly her!!!

I really didn't want to give into the meme of wearing a maid dress. i mean those memes made me homophobic twords them straight lil faggot boys that be wearing them. sorry twinks let the real men handle this.

Booty Booty!!!! this guy can't fufin reach!!!! Prank him john

For Me and the other short people out there. I think u gotta know this feeling. Reaching the bottom of that fucking washing machine. I get Pissed about it but i think its such a cute pose!!!! So I Just had toooo.... My Next drawing def has to be my fursona as a Slutty office secretary. so be on the look out foe that. 

Preripped - Spite!

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