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Small Summary:

 Two royals who love each other deeply, swore to never be apart. But fate has other plans. As one is dealing with an arranged marriage, The other must learn how to overcome the feeling of sadness. Can they ever be together again?

    “Do you trust me?” he smiled. He never smiled. Yet, I suppose it might’ve been my imagination hoping for him to be sincere just once.. Maybe this was the moment for him to finally express his feelings. I took his gloved hand and we swayed our way to the dance floor. His eyes were glued to mine as I absently tried to figure out where my feet were supposed to go next. “Crap” I thought. Maybe I was a bad dancer after all. “Just look at me.” he raised his eyebrows, His face gentle. “I’ll lead the way.” he whispered. And so he did. We swayed. We danced. We moved in motion, We moved as one.. It felt freeing. Iv\’ve truly never felt this way. My heart bundled, yet.. What was this feeling? Freedom? Hope?, I scoffed at myself internally. The song ended, and our hands slowly lowered, slowly backing away. Do you trust me?, I thought to the question he had asked earlier. He glanced over and stared, I stare back only this time with a smile. I softly said “with my whole heart entirely.”. He looked puzzled at first but then knew what I meant. He inched closer and held my head. His cloudy gray eyes gazing  into mine. How I wanted this moment to last forever..

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