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(Speedpaint) Gey Furry stuff.

Drew some Furry stuffs. Changed my fursona... again. Prolly cuz I'm relating less to the lynx i originally Picked

I def feel like more of a lazy spoiled fat kitty. I ain no wild animal. I'm a spoiled bitch. but mostly a snuggly lazy cat. my transition goals is miss piggy and Garfield in a bitchy lazy narcissist blend.           

Full pretty Pic!!!

Yes... this is kinda my body type.... But I love it! I mean I'm getting pretty tired of the skinny twinky femboys. dey need som fat on dem!!! No more twink abuse. Please Keep your femboys healthy and well fed. Please!

I also love the Ted K crop hoodie. and i need me a Eco Terrorist boyfriend to go live in the middle of the woods with to have some cray sex in a shack. Erm or a metal head boyfriend I ain't picky 

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