Vincent Goldenberg (Original Character blurb)

here it goes, I welcome the first of the main characters, Vincent Goldenberg. he grew up in a town called Edentown, meeting his friends and boyfriend. his friends and him were able to start a very successful band in their town called, Between The Suspects + Me. Vincent is the main vocals, and will play piano or guitar when needed. 

he's not the best at being himself, which is why performing is the best option for him. while performing you don't have to be yourself, you can be anyone you choose. which is embedded into him. the only person who really knows Vincent is Sam, his boyfriend, but even then, who knows if that's real.

anyways that's just a simple blurb about this Vincent, but I do want to draw out his past at some point, so you'll all get to see more history. I'm gonna focus on Vincent's story before introducing the next main 2, so no one gets mixed up with who's in who's story's.


Vince on stage

Vince on POSE

Vince and Sam

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