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HAPPY (belated,,) NEW YEAR!!! and jan life update + small vent

ummm hi so once again i forgot to update for several months ermmmmmm

so last i left off i said my homies and i were gonna watch the fnaf movie and it was vvv good!! ik a lot of people had complaints abt it but i personally thought it was perfect. I already knew it wasnt gonna match game canon and i honestly wanted it to be silly bc if it took itself too seriously it wouldnt work! and its not like the franchise itself is super serious, i mean did we all forget the intermissions in ucn???
anyway i really liked how they did everything n i loved matpat and coryxkenshin appearing AND???? THE FUCKING THELIVINGTOMBSTONE SONG FOR THE CREDITS?????????????????????????????? it was so obviously made for preexisting fans and it was really enjoyable. Like everyone in the theater was my age or older and i feel like tht added to it bc it was just like,, a shared nostalgic experience between strangers and that makes me happy. It was really funny when everyone reacted to something like max dying (collective shock) or the end credits (like at least half of us started singing along) and yeah it was just an awesome experience and im so happy i got to have that (and i would give anything to go through it again)
i didnt get to bring my freddy plushie but we actually went and rewatched it in theaters after and i brought him then. Both times I dressed as the marionette :) OMG AND I GOT PIZZA SO I GOT A PIZZA BOX!!!! AND I STILL HAVE IT!!! it was literally so fucking awesome 7 y/o elias was SCREAMING

i would die for abby and mike their relationship means everything to me (my older brother is awful) and anyway im very excited for the next movie

ummm halloween happened! we watched the movie again (totally legally) and then went trick or treating. I went as ben drowned, one friend went as glamrock freddy, and the other went as william afton (he made a springtrap mask and everything, its so fucking cool)
i would add pictures but its all in the makeup and im not trynna show my face until im 18 (online paranoia)

i got the first 3 fnaf games and i finished fnaf 1
i got the bonnie easter egg screen (the one where he stares at you for like 20 seconds without eyes) and i was too paralyzed with fear to take a screenshot (i genuinely forgot which button i set it to)
ive barely played the second game bc its too much relearning to do and aaa

Ive been on a very strong nostalgia kick (but i basically have been all last year anyway) and i eneded up finding out that world of jumpstart, a game i LOVED when i was little, got completely deleted! and im still so upset about it!!!! you can still find and download the launcher, but you can play fruit ninja for like three minutes b4 it closes :( im so upset cause i kept thinking about the ant/science area and the christmas train and the underwater quests :((( who the hell do i gotta find and beg to get an offline version of the game bc I MISS IT SO BAAAAAAAAAD
i think we should just bring back virtual worlds like jumpstart and club penguin and animal jam bc not only are they just so fun, its a much better alternative for kids (get children off social media NOW!!!)

umm minor vent i guess? i was like made forcefully aware of how different i am from other boys n it just kinda sucks knowing that i wont be able to like fully relate or be asked to do certain things w my guy friends bc im just. weird? idk i wasnt super into 'boy stuff' when i was really little and all the games belonged to my brother anyway so i just cant bond w anyone over games like cod and i dont care enough about fortnite to want to play so like idk im unlikable ig and its a dumb thing to be upset about but i wish my friends would ask me to hang out and play older games even if i never did
like i might just play multiplayer fps games alone like i did w l4d2 idk. i dont like being forced to be a loner but im just too scared to try and fail in front of other ppl so its better to not make it an option at all ig
and idk its like extra weird cause i tend to forget that im trans? like im able to ignore certain parts easy enough and other issues are like normal for boys to be insecure about like being short and like i have adhd and am socially underdeveloped (could be autistic but i could also just be traumatized) so understandably i have trouble relating to others and have trouble talking but like part of me knows that i just cant be like other boys bc a lot of them hardly even see me as a boy
this is dumb tldr i wish i was cis and likable :/ 
(if u are a friend who thinks they know the conversation im referring to, shhh)

anyway my rice purity score is a 78 and will stay that high forever (i desperately want to do dumb shit w my friends but nobody wants to)

umm  i dont think anything happened in november aside from me getting sick

i turned 17 on december 16! and thats like the only good thing that happened
i wanted to have a party while my friend was in town the week after and my mom and i had a bunch of things ready. we had a bunch of candy, activities, and decorations and we were ready to buy the last few things before the party. it was supposed to be themed around the early 2010's, late 2000's and i was working on burning cds and everything and then my sibling tested positive for covid the day b4. and then everyone else slowly got sick so i couldn't even move the party to any day that friend was still here. and then! i planned to go watch movies with some other friends bc my brother was the only one sick and if i just played it safe i wouldnt get sick! but of course this fucking asshole was sleeping in the living room and didnt wipe down ANYTHING he touched so then I got sick! so i couldnt do anything over winter break and i couldnt see any of my friends and im so fucking pissed off my parents let this manchild piece of shit just do what he wanted
and i may seem like im overreacting but hes truly so awful that this is really just icing on the shit cake

anyway christmas still happened and my friend dropped by to give me my bday presents b4 they left so umm gift list!!
I got a freddy fazbear pillow pet, a fountain pen set, a bike, the fnaf cookbook, some dragon jewelery, adventure time and invader zim comics, johnny the homicidal maniac (hes half the reaosn one of my friends calls me nny sometimes fun fact), some tbhk books, and some really cool shirts and pokemon cards annnnnd some tech decks! oh and also some mushroom shelves :) theres probably some other things i got that im forgetting but yeah m rlly happy abt all this :DD

umm im sharing steam libraries w one of my friends bc hes like awesome and so i started playing ultrakill and the brainrot is fucking insane
the soundtrack is amazing, gameplay is fun, the monologues and the bits of story we get are really well written, gabriels va is so good as him, the dev team and the fandom are really silly and just hfdgfhdgsvfh its so so awesome
ive played through all the released levels and im working on getting through the secrets and challenges before p ranking everything b4 layer 8 comes out (which im so excited for)
I keep drawing v1 and gabriel bc the designs r just so cool and jkhvgvcd idek what to say anymore i just have the biggest hyperfixation on it and i keep dreaming abt it and yeah im gonna be sad once its finished but im also so excited to do everything

annnd that leads us up to here :p i dont have much to say abt school cause its just,, been school idk nothing interesting EXCEPT we got our scores for the pre act and i think i did pretty well? there were somethings i dont think i learned yet so math was like my worst (and i hate geometry anyway) but other than that most of my scores were around 30 so thats cool

my mental healths been a bit iffy, it mightve been implied earlier but i keep comparing myself to other ppl and its definitely not been great ermm. it doesnt help that i tend to get weird during this part of the year. i didnt get to go out much during winter break and i get like really depressed when that happens, and spring/the time leading up to it features a really weird state?? like romanticizing bad things and hypersexuality and idk its just not great and im just ready to skip to summer lowkey

OH ive been forcefully signed up for drivers ed </3 i am so scared of driving and i dont even want to get around by car in the future but i kinda have to so >:CC at least ill be able to do things when my parents arent able to/dont want to drive me around. Plus i do kinda need another form of id anyway and id like to have another card with my name on it

other than tht, i dont think i have much else planned :p

see you later mothers fuckers and others, and stay fresh cheesebags

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