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Was frustrating to forget my shoes at home and go to work in slippers. And was disappointing when the car didn't work when I tried to drive home on lunch to replace my shoes. 

I was happy shopping and getting new long socks and underwear while eating a croissant. Work was aight for the rest. And then I needed dad to pick me up bc the car was still locking me out. Then I went home and triple a came. They said that the cars battery died. I left the headlights on in the morning. Which was like, disappointing I guess?? But I was just relieved that it wasn't a deeper issue of the car. 

I drove the car home and was distracted my following my dad and my brothers texts. That I missed a weird sound the car was making when I was driving. I only later realized near home that it was a FLAT TIRE. And I decided to of all the way home bc who TF wants to leave it in a random place? 

Turns out someone in the Walmart parking lot slashed the tire to bits. Which I thought was funny. 

Mom looked very disappointed but I just gave a big ol smile. My dad was frustrated at my brother initially for the car and it's problems. But I was sitting there enjoying that I didn't have anxiety or frustration like he did. I just accept things and know the world.

I showered and did laundry then felt happy doing homework while playing Minecraft. Cool info and i was taking it slow. 

It was satisfying to validate  a friend, B. And a that lame vo workers gf as well. But mostly it was super nice to see Paige be happier now with the smp and everything getting better. I'm so happy for her. She deserves to not get fucked by the world for once. 

I ate some bomb food while hekka lit. And the X2 fire sauce was soooo good. I then was enjoying chivalry 2's brawl mode which is the best for lit playing imo. Simple and fun. I went to bed at like 9. And it was a nice night.

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