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some of my favorite manga & webtoons :D

not in any particular order


•  the vampire and his pleasant companions by narise konohara & marimo ragawa 

[ongoing, on hiatus]

(bl, vampire, comedy, drama, asexual love interest) ↓

al as a bat

•  fangs by billy balibally


(gay vampires, drama, cw/ sexual content) ↓


•  skip and loafer by misaki takamatsu


(comedy, romance, slice of life, school life) ↓

skip and loafer

•  toilet-bound hanako-kun by aidalro


(comedy, drama, supernatural) ↓


•  classmates by asumiko nakamura


(bl, romance, drama) ↓


•  my dress up darling by shinichi fukuda


(romance, comedy, school life) ↓

dres up

•  seaside stranger by kanna kii

[ongoing, on hiatus]

(bl, drama, romance) ↓


•  his favorite by suzuki tanaka


(bl, comedy, romance, school life) ↓

his favorite

•  whisper me a love song by eku takeshima


(gl, romance, music, school life) ↓

love song

•  doughnuts under a crescent moon by shio usui


(gl, romance, drama, work life) ↓


•  sasaki and miyano by syou harusono


(bl, romance, comedy, school life) ↓


•  hirano and kagiura by syou harusono


(bl, romance, comedy) ↓

•  the ice guy and his cool female colleague by miyuki tonogaya


(comedy, romance, work life) ↓

•  wotakoi: love is hard for otaku by fujita


(comedy, romance, nerds, work life) ↓

•  villain by fujita


(lgbtq+, drama) ↓

•  boku no papa to papa no hanashi by roji

[ongoing, on hiatus]

(bl, lgbtq+, child care, family life) ↓

•  the guy she was interested in wasn't a guy at all by sumiko arai


(gl, romance, school life, music) ↓

•  bloody sweet by narae lee


(manhwa, vampire, drama, romance, comedy,

tw// self harm, mental illness) ↓

•  our sunny days by jeong seokchan

[ongoing, on hiatus]

(bl, romance, comedy, childcare) ↓

•  metamorphosis: the skeleton becomes a cat dad by mago


(manhwa, fantasy, comedy, child care) ↓

•  tian guan ci fu by mo xiang tong xiu & starember


(manhua, bl, comedy, drama, romance, supernatural) ↓

•  19 days by old xian


(manhua, bl, comedy, drama, romance) ↓


•  daybreak ( webtoon )

[ongoing, on hiatus]

(bl, comedy, romance, slice of life) ↓

•  your wings and mine ( webtoon & tapas )


(bl, comedy, romance, angels and demons, cute and silly) ↓

•  achilles and the boy next door ( tapas )


(bl, comedy, romance) ↓

•  vamp sabbath ( tapas )


(drama, comedy, lgbtq+ themes, music, vampire, supernatural) ↓

•  the revelation of eros ( webtoon & tapas )


(drama, psychological, lgbtq+ themes,

tw// mental illness, childhood trauma, religious trauma, mentions of sa) ↓

•  morgana and oz ( webtoon )


(fantasy, romance, witches and vampires) ↓

•  love me to death ( webtoon )

[ongoing, on hiatus]

(fantasy, romance, comedy, necromancer, poly relationship) ↓

•  jackson's diary ( webtoon )

[ongoing, on hiatus]

(drama, comedy, supernatural, lgbtq+ themes) ↓

•  to the stars and back ( webtoon )


(bl, slice of life, comedy, romance) ↓

•  castle swimmer ( webtoon )

[ongoing, on hiatus]

(bl, comedy, romance, drama, merpeople) ↓

•  cherry waves ( webtoon & tapas )


(comedy, romance, poly relationship, trans and disability rep) ↓

•  the blind prince ( webtoon )

[ongoing, on hiatus]

(romance, drama, fantasy) ↓

•  the d!ckheads ( webtoon )


(comedy, slice of life, romance) ↓

•  dagger to the heart ( webtoon )


(drama, fantasy, romance) ↓

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