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Talking about today cause yeah thats what blog's are for right??????

(I'm feeling so 

So I woke up 😱

Then I started talking about when my friend was gonna pick me up:3

Then we came up with a time so I got ready and my friend came over while I was still doing makeup then we left with bracelet beads 

Then we went to a craft store and found yarn so I can make cool bracelets, then dollar tree and I we got trollies and we got Spiderman Sippy cup type cups so we can be funky and put monsters in them and I got blue glow in the dark nail polish cause why not.

Then we went to Petco and saw some rlly cute cats and other animals, then we went to Walmart and got monsters and a bread thing it was silly. Then we did color guard stuff and made bracelets and I made a card with gnarpy(from regretevator) and skateboard (from phighting) for my friends birthday then we went to pick up my friend and everything exploded(not rlly) then we got to the birthday party at the bouncy place and everyone had a silly time today was awesome!!!! :333

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Vick 🌷

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It seems like a good day, great!!

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