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How I get cursors from

Step 1: go to 

Step 2: You can search for the cursor you want in collections or in the search bar:

Step 3: After you find the cursor you want, click on the [VIEW] button. It will take you to the cursor page.

Step 4: Hover over the gray box next to the [ADD] button and right-click to see the Inspect tool.

Step 5: Once the Inspect tool is open you should see this div already selected. Just click the down arrow to open it.

Step 6: The first div element will have the pointer cursor. The hover cursor will be in the button class element that has the "hover me" text.

Step 7: From there just copy the link for the cursor and paste it into this code:


*{ cursor: url('HERE';), auto;}

a:hover{ cursor: url('HERE';), auto;}


That's it! :)

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