list of weird Etsy discoveries!!

these are just weird things i've found, some that i want to buy for my friends/family honestly but its not all odd lol

loool if u buy smth from here lmk :p

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AHHH that guitar pick stand would be so good for my little brother I know he'd love it, ty for the great find!

I can share some of my absolute evil finds with everyone here <3 (I own him) (WARNING, REAL TEETH)

It's not all of them but the more evil ones I can't actually send asdhj Etsy is a lawless land

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DAMMNNN the teeth one. thanks for sharing!!!

by Catra; ; Report

Np! Tbh it's not the only one that exists either, the amount thats there is kinda concerning though. Gotta wonder how many of them are real.

Thabk you for the fun finds as well!

by Pepbird; ; Report

Only thing i'm worried about is where their getting the teeth from ( ⚆ _ ⚆ )

by Jun0; ; Report


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oh,i saw the adopt a demon thingy like days ago lol

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haha the level ring is cool

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ohhh the water stickers are so cool!

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honestly they arent weird, i just felt like ppl might like them lol

by Catra; ; Report


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i need to get the level ring, it's so funky and cute ♪(^∇^*)

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honestly u would never find anyone irl w that :>

by Catra; ; Report


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your blogs are always so fire i love these

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dang thanks :3

by Catra; ; Report


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Robert Jesus Freshener!!!

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a match in heaven?

by Catra; ; Report

A match in heaven!!!!

by Bhanu; ; Report

Jon 🐇

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omg the rocktopus... *shudder*
love the level ring though! way cool! :D

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the level ring was an odd find, it looks handy tho...? idk, i dont built things

by Catra; ; Report

I just like it because it reminds me of my dad. He was a civil engineer at the U of M.

by Jon 🐇; ; Report

The rocktopus as far as I know is a popular hobbyist 3D print
They for sure love printing everything with The Rock attached and those octopuses, so it'd make sense.
as for the level, it might certainly come in handy but for levels you usually want more length in the tool, and there's also the chance the ring itself isn't made evenly.

by Alveus Nosville; ; Report

well i did save the ring bc it looked cool to me as well some years ago :d and thats rly sweet jon

by Catra; ; Report

true yeah. there was a lot of rock things

by Catra; ; Report