Art dump [November 2023 through January 2024]

Woah, never done one of these


November 12th 2023, Redraw of Zia from Wristcutters, I'm really proud of this one still, I needa practice doing the same kinda face anatomy I did in this but without a reference.


November 20th 2023, Battle Nurse, the oc of online artist FilthyGuts, the colour pallette of this drawing is very inspired by the cover for the album Don't Your Fabric To This Year's Fashion by Action Action


December 15th 2023, Neko Zombie from Gregory Horror Show, I really wanted to draw something of a chibi version of him, the shading on this one is a little more nonsense than usual


January 21st 2024, my oc Daxe, thought of this guy while listening to Digital Me by Northstar


January 24th 2024, Flippy from Happy Tree Friends, quite proud of the shading on this one, originally had a different pose where both his arms were crossed, but it didn't look right

Woah, thx for looking at all of these

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