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yk its bad when you make a playlist for your rarepair that started off as a crackship.. ANYWAYYSS, i love splatoon, im still trying to adjust to drawing both noiji and beika, i dont know what their shipname would be but im thinking of noika... like the flipphone

I want to draw them more but art block hates me, it hates seeing me win</3

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I always misread it as Nokia, lmao.

These two are so cute though, for real, Noian is my ride or die but Noika and Noijikkabi also have my heart 💜💚🙏

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NOIJIKKABI.. thats a new one for me, also noian isso cutee i love those twoo 💚💚

THESE ARE SO OLD AS WELL.. i need to place my newer art of them here at some point, tysm though they're both my faves


A lot of people prefer Noijī/Warabi (Clashup) but Iklan and Warabi are a bonded pair to me, haha

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